Blistersoftware BLIMUS

Blistersoftware BLIMUS

Blimus-The Blistermanager is a software developed by pharmacists for the
management of medication profiles, blister orders and prescription requirements.

Blimus can be used in pharmacies for manual blistering, machine blistering, pay order
or for the control of complex production facilities.

The software is developed and supported in Germany. 

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BLIMUS Modules


Blisters, which manufacture hose blisters in accordance with GMP requirements and release according to § 13 AMG,
find the right support in the BLIMUS module production. Extensive forecasting functions for order acceptance, item
identification as well as access to tablet photos and leaflets simplify the machine blistering.
The entire manufacturing process can be documented and acknowledged with qualified digital signatures.
All documents are available by pressing a button.  So you're on the safe side – right from the start.

Payroll Order

Pharmacies can be hired with the BLIMUS module wage Order at every blister shop in Germany. To do this, create a
blistering-order in BlIMUS and send it to a blister-center of your choice.
The important thing is: The datasource always stays in your pharmacy, because the data is not entered online but
directly on the local BLIMUS server of your pharmacy stored. If you change your blister-center, you can quickly do a
few changes to your blisterorder send orders to other blister-centers. Fotos of tablets and leaflets are automatically
available for download on a daily basis.


With the BLIMUS module, we manually support pharmacies that blister manually. The software creates patient-specific 
filling lists for the cards blister and prints the corresponding labels.
You can also design your labels easily and individually, for example with the photoof the patient or your pharmacy logo.


The online medication management software BLIMUS One is part of the "Tablino offer" of the DBU-Vertriebsgesellschaft.
With the software BLIMUS One you record the entire medication of your outpatient patients without having to invest in extra


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