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Spool Spinner 

Together with the Pouch Winder, our spools can be used to roll the pouches directly from the packaging machine into a perfect roll. These rolls can be easily transported and placed onto the Pouch Inspector.
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The Spool Spinner has an easy slide-in-system to capture the pouches. Due to the low-resistant spinning core the pouches are prevented from tearing.
Spool Spinners are available in two variations and different core colors. This ensures easy recognition in every phase.

- Variety of core colors (optional)

- Easy slide-in-system to capture the pouches

- Low-resistant spinning core to prevent tearing

Available as:

Spool Spinner  Round  42 cm
Spool Spinner Hexagon  50 cm

- 42% more pouches (compared to our round spool)
- easily placed on the ground or in a rack
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