Item no.: 8000

ERWEKA Friabilitytester

The ERWEKA Tar series tests the friability and/or the abrasion of tablets
according to the USP/EP/JP guidelines. The devices can be easily operated
via a membrane keypad with symbol keys and offer a flexible adjustment of
the rotation speed between 20 and 100 revolutions per minute.

The test run duration can be selected in minutes or total revolutions.
No removal and opening of the drums is necessary for the filling and emptying
of the friabilitydrums. Instead, the drums can be easily filled and emptied by a
special opening. After a test run is completed, the samples are automatically fed
into a container located below the friabilitydrums.

The optional USB interface also allows the test parameters (time,/speed) to be
transferred to a PC or printed via a connected printer.
  • Content/amount: 1 pcs